Why SmartVent?

General ventilation and fulfillment of the regulations.

Each property has its unique conditions for ventilation. Smart Vent offers through the patented ventilation unit Smart1 , new ventilation solutions for property owners to cost-effectively recover energy , improve ventilation , meet regulations while offering residents a standard raise.

For apartments , houses or premesis such specific solutions are based on one or more Smart1 devices that interact intelligently . Smart1 has through its patented design solutions that enable heat recovery from ventilation air by more than 85 % efficiency .

Smart1 works at low pressure which allows interaction with existing ventilation.

Smart Vent meets the need for high efficiency

With academic expertise and industry experience several patented solutions have been developed allowing an extraordinary high efficiency.

  • Large heating / cooling savings
  • Indoor climate- no cold drafts
  • Economy
  • Environment

Improved ventilation

In your living room and bedroom improved ventilation provides a standard raise and your indoor climate . Smart1 can work at low pressure which allows interaction with existing ventilation

Smart1 enables quiet and cost-effective solutions with quick and easy installation in the exterior wall.

The repayment period is from two years upwards depending on the type of heating system and the chosen solution.