About us

Smart Vent is a success story that began when four friends with complementary skills and experience where sitting at the kitchen table, thinking aloud together. Johan Hall, an entrepreneur with a background in international sales of energy solutions but in recent years working as an housing  inspection consultant noted that “- There is a huge need to improve the indoor environment with better ventilation but the repayment period must be short. In addition to energy efficiency needs in condominium apartments there are lots of houses, furnished basement, public facilities such as schools, day care centers and club rooms which have bad or lousy ventilation despite the existence of legislation requirements for many years. ” Mattias Svensson, an entrepreneur with many years experience of running companies in small-scale cogeneration all based on high-tech solutions added “- In addition, there are about 200,000 apartments with radon problems that must be addressed before 2020 in Sweden and many more in other parts of the EU. In many cases, only fans is used to ventilate and then the energy costs increase dramatically. ”

Christer Tånnander with 30 years of experience in management and the establishment of international industrial companies asked “- If there is a great need for cost-effective energy and ventilation solutions, it must mean that there are not enough good products to solve the problems. We need to think again ”

Karl-Henrik Nilsson, with a past as head of development of heat exchangers and cooling systems, and probably one of the best in the world at calculating and sizing heat exchanger system got started on it. “- Old systems based on old technology is not good enough. The systems are promising far too high performance, are expensive, and are usually undersized to meet the legal requirements. We need new thinking to come up in the efficiencies of the energy recovery of at least 85%, while there must be a cost-effective solution. Installation costs will also be low, and for apartments higher up you must be able to easily mount the unit from the inside without having to hire expensive crane trucks. ”

And it must be quiet, Johan said. “- I want to test the first unit in my bedroom, when my wife who is very sensitive to sounds approves it, I am satisfied”

“- And landlords with multiple devices must be able to easily monitor and control their devices from a computer or mobile” stated Mattias who is also the group’s specialist in control and regulation technology.

A multi-year development began which led to one of the smartest and most efficient energy solutions, Smart1, which meets legal requirements, working with existing ventilation systems, easily installed from the inside, the monitoring and control so that each customer can easily control their ventilation “.

And why did it take so long to get the best solution? It was Johan’s wife Anne who said that the first design solutions sounded too much in the bedroom. Do it again and do it right! Now we have a fantastic product that is also the quietest and we thank Anne for that!